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Gift the gift of nature! 

With our collection you can make your home or office space a little greener.

No green fingers? That's fine! Terrariums take care of themselves. Shop for a finished terrarium and enjoy.


Ready to do it yourself? In 8 short steps you will make your own little ecosystem.

(Finished terries can't be shipped.)

The Lunar Terrarium as a night light.

De Erlenmeyer Photoshoot - Weelderig Groen - Plantshop.jpg

We offer three types of floral blends to compose your terrarium.

Sphere Medium in collectie.jpg

Did you know an Outlandish terrarium doesn't require watering for the first six months?



Your brand,
your slogan,
your message
inside a terrarium.

3D printed sustainable merch to help your company connect.

Nature-inspired makes us nature-conscious.

Sustainability is our mission. We continuously raise the bar.

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