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We offer three types of floral blends to compose your terrarium.

Orb Medium KF Beige2.jpg

Colourful Fittonias

A Fittonia or 'Nerve plant' is characterized by red, white or pink nerves that run through the leaves. Combined they merge into a beautiful colour palette. 

If you like your terrarium to flourish and pulsate than look no further! Choose the colourful miniature garden.

Lush Green

Celebrate the rich variation of green colours found in tropical ferns and other plants. With their typical fragmented leaves ferns are easily recognizable. These ancient vascular plants evoke calmness.

If tranquility is what you are looking for, choose 'Lush Green' and bring a tiny forest into your home or office.

De Erlenmeyer FF Beige (detail).jpg
Glass Sphere BB Beige.jpg

Botanical Balance

As the name suggest Botanical Balance is about combining the pulsating character of Fittonias with the Calmness of the floral greenery to celebrate the rich variation found in tropical forest.

Go for Botanical Balance if you'd like the full rainforest experience.

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