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A sustainable, nature-inspired product for your company.

How it works.


Step 1

What can a terrarium mean for your company? A workshop at an annual event, a promotional gift or to liven up the workspace?

Text us! Let's find out together.

Step 2

We offer eleven models with three floral content options. Choose and combine as you wish. 

Do you represent a graphic or event agency and are you looking to incorporate a set of terrariums or a terrarium workshop into your client's project? Let us know and we will provide you with a pdf with practical information, models and pricing.

Sphere Medium in collectie.jpg

Step 3

Make it yours! A logo or message made visual inside a terrarium, 3D printed with durable, biodegradable filament.  

A terrarium for each of your colleagues with their own name inside. Just an idea. 

Step 4

Fill in our 'quote' page and we'll send you a free quote the next day.

Give it a shot!

De Erlenmeyer Photoshoot 2 - Weelderig Groen - Plantshop.jpg

Step 3

Deliveries throughout the Benelux are done personally by us within 5-10 days. 

We give the workshop for the participants on the appointed day.

Enjoy receiving or making your own tiny ecosystem and being able to care for it for years.

They trusted us.

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