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In eight short stepts you will make your own unique 'The First Terrarium' terrarium.


For the first terrarium we have to travel back 150 years to the Victorian Age in England where botanists researched the behavior of insects by placing them into glass jars for observation. In one such a jar with earth inside botanist Ward discovered a germinating fern. The possibility to mimic a biotope in a glass container where plants could thrive became an absolute hype England.


With The First Terrarium you do not just purchase a classical terrarium, but you conserve an ancient life-form. Ferns have been reproducing unchanged via spores for over 400 million years. They are the early descendants of the first plants who moved on land out of the water. You can find ferns scattered all over the world; from the pole circle up in to your back garden. The fern inside the terrarium originates out of tropical rainforests as a terrarium - high humidity and constant temperature - mimics the rainforest climate.


Each terrarium comes with an instruction booklet and a terrarium-guide.


Heigth: 27 cm

Width: 18 cm


DIY Kit - The First Terrarium

  • - Glass terrarium with glass lid

    - Bag of stones

    - Bag of activated charcoal

    - Bag of soil

    - Bag of moss

    - Tropical Fern

    - Instruction booklet

    - Terrarium-guide

  • Choose 'Free shipment' at the check out to have your package send by via DPD. Your order will be posted the next morning.

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