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In eight short stepts you will make your own unique Lunar Terrarium.


Lunar Terrarium

The Lunar ecosystem triumphs in the evening when the green oasis casts its shadow around the terrarium. The cracked black formations rest like an inkdrawing on the surrounding surface, peaceful like the deep shadows of a clear full moon on a snowy winter's night. Tip! The Lush Green content makes for the best shadows.


Content options:

The Colourful Fittonia terrarium consists of a unique combination of colourful Fittonias, recognizable by the red, white or pink nerves. The Fittonia terrarium is vibrant, like a colourful garden.


The Lush Green terrarium celebrates the rich variation of green colours found in tropical ferns and other plants originating from tropical rainforests. The Lush Green terrarium calms and provides relaxation, like a forest.


The Botanical Balance terrarium combines the pulsating Fittonias with the calmness of green flora. In balancing both qualities it represents the floral richness of the tropical rainforest.


Each terrarium comes with an instruction booklet and a terrarium-guide.


100% recycled glass.

Heigth: 24.50 cm
Width: 16.80 cm

DIY Kit - Lunar Terrarium

  • - Lunar terrarium

    - Bag of stones

    - Bag of activated charcoal

    - Bag of soil

    - Bag of moss

    - Divers selection of plants according to content option (Can differ slightly from photo.)

    - Instruction booklet

    - Terrarium-guide

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