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Heart of Nature

The Closed terrarium is essentially a copy of mother nature. The water inside evaporates, condensates an drips down the glass side. This intern watercycle forms the basis of the closed ecosystem, a miniature version of the world ecosystem we all belong.


Heart of Nature has its own microclimate; the high humidity and constant temperature are a duplicate of a tropical rainforest. The Heartfern (Hemionitis arifolia), originated from South-East Asia, thrives here. With its typical heartshaped leafs and as part of the ancient fernfamily it is the emblem for the heart of nature.


Orb on pedestal

The spherical terrarium stands on a wooden pedestal but can also sit on its own.

Each terrarium comes with a terrarium-guide.


100% recyled glass.

Heigth: 17 cm
Width: 12 cm

Heart of Nature

  • Choose 'Pick up' to come pick it up in our atelier in Kozen.

    We will contact you shortly after your purchase to set a date. Your order will be made within 24 hours after purchasing. 

    Finished terrariums can not be send by post.

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