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Not just plants in a jar, dear.

Outlandish simply means odd or strange and isn't a terrarium just that? A tiny ecosystem with it's own micro-climate, perfectly self-sustaining and you can fit it anywhere in an interior. 


As part of the great indoor plant revival of the past years, terrariums have established themselves as high-end floral products. We realized that this development had taken place largely at homes. So we decided to offer unique formulas to also fit company needs.


What we stand for.

Surrounding ourselves with the natural world has a proven positive impact on our wellbeing. Just the sight of a plant calms and provides relaxation but we are struggling. Time for a nature walk is often in short supply, indoor plants have it hard and we altogether live more excluded from nature.

Frankly, a terrarium isn't going to immediately improve your health, but if you trust in the effect you will find a terrarium to be rewarding and even inspiring.

This is why Outlandish exists, why we create and organise. The natural world deserves to be recognized and cherished, you deserve all of its benefits and we get to do what we love.

Minimizing environmental impact.

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Nature-inspired makes us nature-conscious. 

All of the glasswork we apply is 100% recycled and produced in Europe. Avoiding global shipping and being part of this recycling process are key to our vision.

All plants are being propagated in the Netherlands and Belgium, so their journey is even shorter.


Bringing everything together in our solar-powered buildings makes an Outlandish Terrarium a product we are proud of.

Traveling plants

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With each purchase we provide a Plant Passport. Yes, that's right! Plant Passports are to ensure that the journey of each plant from propagation to sale can be traced and is done so with the best care. Not just to make sure that all plants are treated fairly but so that we can offer you a product that is safe for consumers as well.


The micro-climate inside a terrarium copies that of a tropical rainforest. High humidity and a constant temperature make for the perfect conditions for our selection of tropical plants to thrive.

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