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The Outlandish Terrarium workshop is an hour to unwind and come together. Participants learn what makes a terrarium unique and how to take care of it. Afterwards we go to work.

Through a guided step by step workshop each participant will create their own miniature ecosystem. 


Businesses and organisations

A fun teambuilding? A large-scale business event? Challenge us to come up with a personalized combination of our formulas and models to lift your day.

Fill in the form to get a free quote or contact us at


The workshop can be given without the physical presence of a guide. The glass pot, raw materials and plants are packed and shipped as a DIY Kit with step by step instructions. 

If preferred the workshop could be guided over Zoom or Skype.

Heart of Nature schuin beige vierkant 2020.jpg
De Erlenmeyer Photoshoot 2 - Weelderig Groen - Plantshop.jpg


This PDF illustrates a detailed description of our terrarium workshop; formulas, practical information, assortment of models and pricing.

Updated every semester!

Download the English version here.

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