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Heart of Nature

From 25,00 (VAT excl.)

The closed terrarium mimics Mother Nature. The water inside evaporates, condenses and flows down again, a small-scale version of the global ecosystem to which we all belong.


The Heart Fern (Hemionitis arifolia), native to South-East Asia, is right at home. Its typical heart-shaped leaf and as a member of the ancient fern family makes it the right symbol for the heart of nature.


H 17 cm  x W 13 cm

Minimum amount



25,00 | 31,00 (customized)


- 3D Model print inside terrarium


Finished terrariums are delivered through our direct service.

Delivery period

5 - 10 days

Product qualities

Two part recycled glass sphere on wooden stand, layered with our unique combination of raw materials and plant life.

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