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The market of promotional products is a fair of cheap tricks: low quality products with a short lifespan. Why align your brand with poor plastic pens, useless key rings or ugly USB keys? A promotional product should enhance or challenge the corporate image. 


Perhaps a terrarium doesn't seem like the right product to showcase your brand? Or does it? Everything is either manufactured, gathered or propagated in Europe. So it's sustainable! Owners connect with the mini ecosystem as they watch the plants grow and evolve. So it will be Loved! An Outlandish Terrarium doesn't require to be watered for the first six months and only very little after. So it's for everyone!

And aside from a guaranteed quality product you can choose to have your brand 3D printed inside the terrarium, lasercut on top of the cork or printed on a sticker and placed onto the glass. 

Glass Sphere BB Beige (top)kopie.jpg


Foremost having your brand made physical and placed inside a terrarium is a real joy. Trust us! Life is too short not to own or gift a tiny personalized self-sustaining ecosystem with it's own micro-climate! Yes, a mouth full.

We team up with a local 3D printing company to offer you a quick, sustainable and most of all quality result. 


A different approach is to have your logo lasercut into the cork. The dark engraving seems set in to the cork with a branding Iron. As if the terrarium was old-fashioned marked to be shipped to your company.

Lastly, a fairly straightforward way is for us to have your logo or message printed on a sticker and placed on the glass or cork. The advantage here is the full control over the range of colours and forms. 


De Erlenmeyer FF Beige.jpg

A branded terrarium, much like any other form of promotional branding is 100% tax-deductible. That's it!

Don't hesitate to contact us for a request or inquiry or check out our assortment and fill in the form to receive a free price quote.

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